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Bondage in second life

I haven't written lanything here in a long time. Lately I've been involved in various bondage schemes in Second Life. I wonder if people are interested in my experiences. Well, of course you are ... If I make it interesting!

Here's an outline of what I will cover: Restrictive experience systems in second life

Open Collar - mild, moderate, severe RLV restrictions. Unlimited avatar choice.
bane - helmet, severe RLV restrictions. "Slave, prisoner"
Md pod prison - helmet, serious RLV restrictions, confinement. "Prisoner"
tk ISO suit - severe RLV restrictions, punishments. Limited avatar. "Fucktoy"
CAII - moderate RLV restrictions, unlimited avatar choice. "Public Slave"
ACS - moderate RLV restrictions, limited avatar. "Robot"
Concordance - severe RLV restrictions, unlimited avatar. "Hive mind"
Taep - moderate RLV restrictions, limited avatar. "Alien cyborg"
Plastic army - moderate RLV restrictions, limited avatar. "Plastic army toy"
... And any more experiences in the same vein I discover.


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Jun. 20th, 2015 01:44 pm (UTC)
Photographs are rather required. ^_^ I'll admit, I've never really explored RLV - even back in yon days of TinySex, I'd very rarely indulge, as it proved to be a bit too powerful an experience.

That said, I do recall a pair of quite adorable latex skunks, one pink, the other black, into one of which you'd be transformed if you *ahem* unwittingly set off the trap.

Are the robot or cyborg cute? The "hive mind" has definite cute potential.. come to that, I wouldn't mind trying out a wasp av sometime, though I'm not sure where to even find out, with insects not exactly commonplace in SL.
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