timberwoof (timberwoof) wrote,

BLFC's Guidebook

Guidebook requires ios 7, so it won't work on my iPod. So fuck you.
The BLFC web page has a guidebook app thing that sort of lets me look at the schedule, but every time I delve into a schedule item I'm fucked because I can't go back up and look at the other thing near it. They've taken the interactive power of a web page and hobbled it with the limited UI of an iPod. So fuck you.
I tried going to the Guidebook web page to submit a problem report or feedback, but all I could find was a fucking video about how to retrieve feedback from users of the app. There was no way for me to tell the Guidebook developers how badly their application sucks because it won't work on my iPod, the web interface is sucky, and there's no way to give them feedback about bow badly it sucks. So fuck you.

I really hope BLFC has a printed version of the schedule.

Professionally, I'm a software quality assurance engineer. I use computers all day at work. I understand principles of UI design and I write software that tests other software. If I con't figure out a web application, there's something wrong with the web application. BLFC is supposed to be for entertainment; using a schedule is supposed to be as easy as looking up things in a chart. I'm not paid to do this; this is for entertainment. I really don't need the bullshit of a clever-clever web application that looks like a tablet application that I can't run on my iPod, and wouldn't want to anyway even if I could because it sucks so badly. Come on, people. Computers are supposed to make things easier, not harder. Or did you miss that in your classes? (And no, I don't want to watch a fucking video on how to submit feedback. Why do I need to watch a video on how to type text into a text field and click the Submit button? Oh … you've made the process so complicated that it requires a five-minute video tutorial. Right. You're a bunch of idiots. So fuck you.)
Tags: quality assurance, software engineering, wanker
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