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Go to Rally to get the Scrum story descriptions. Each story description is named by a User Story code. In Quality Center, write up the test suites of test cases and test steps. Be sure to name the test suites according to the User Story they refer to. Using a web browser and Selenium, run your test cases and record them, then save as Java source files. Be sure to name the Java files according to the QC test script identifier. Attach the Java files to QC and then email the whole test suite aling with the Java files to the automation test engineer. This way we permanently attach the recorded versions of the test suites to the QA test suites. (As an aside, we have not been able to get the email system to work. I talked with IT about this over a month ago but they have not made it work.) The automation test engineer will log onto his Windows machine and extract the Java files from QC and put them on a file server. Then from his development Mac he'll get them from the file server and import them into his Java workspace. There he will massage the files into code that actually runs the tests. This code will get imported into the Git repository, from which it will be deployed to the automated test machines.

It's a nice, workable workflow. But we're not using the FTP server. It makes sense that we left out LiveJournal: it's out of date and nobody uses it any more. But there are no Facebook or Twitter notifications. Do we want to publish the test scripts on Github and SourceForge?
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