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April 1st, 2016


We’ve been hearing the complaints from inmates and guards for years, and
finally the owners of Black Gazza have decided to do something about it.

• Inmates hate the collars.
• Inmates hate the scratchy and unfashionable uniforms.
• Inmates hate nutrapaste.
• Inmates especially hate the striped tattooing.

• Guards hate having to wear just black.
• Guards want more armor.
• Guards hate it when the HUD shocks them.

• Everyone hates the cells.
• Everyone hates power failures.
• Everyone hates the AI.
• Everyone hates lockdown.

• Everybody loves ferals!

So we will be revamping Black Gazza in a whole new style:
Lormyr Ponio and Timberhoof Lupony bring you: BG/MLP Crossover!

For inmates:
• bridles of soft, colorful leather
• only the best wool saddle blankets
• Cutie Marks of their mode of execution
• And only the best hay

For Guards:
• Stylish black saddles
• Stylish colorful capes
• Cutie Marks of the Guard Badge
• No more shocky HUDs.

For everyone
• Feral Pony Avatars
• Stylish Space Stables
• Good old dependable, reliable muscle power
• The unifying force of Love keeps everyone happy
• We’ll love and tolerate the shit out of you!

— Timberhoof Lupony